1.2 版本


Provides integration for DoctrineExtensions for your Symfony2 Project.

  • Tree - this extension automates the tree handling process and adds some tree specific functions on repository. (closure, nestedset or materialized path)
  • Translatable - gives you a very handy solution for translating records into different languages. Easy to setup, easier to use.
  • Sluggable - urlizes your specified fields into single unique slug.
  • Timestampable - updates date fields on create, update and even property change.
  • Blameable - updates string or association fields on create, update and even property change with a user name resp. reference.
  • Loggable - helps tracking changes and history of objects, also supports version management.
  • Sortable - makes any document or entity sortable
  • Translator - explicit way to handle translations
  • Softdeleteable - allows to implicitly remove records
  • Uploadable - provides file upload handling in entity fields
  • Reference Integrity - provides reference integrity for MongoDB, supports nullify and restrict.

See the official DoctrineExtensions documentation for more details.

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